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Koen Couvreur - Brigadier / Warehouse Manager

I just love doing my job! Here in the workshop it is nice work. When equipment comes in from outside that needs to be made, it's almost never the same. It's one time this, another time that and that's why it stays exciting."

How did you end up at Bilfinger?

'Through my brother-in-law. All three of my brothers (in law) work at Bilfinger. And one of them said, 'Come work with us.' And so I took the step to apply and came here. Before that, I worked at a construction company where I welded and assembled.'

What do you like about your job?

'I just like doing my job! Here in the workshop it is nice to work. When equipment comes in from outside that needs to be made, it's almost never the same. Sometimes it's this, other times it's that, which keeps it exciting. And it's nice when you can help your colleagues and you take care of things for them. Sometimes there is also some stress involved, for example if a machine has to be finished within a few hours.'

How would you describe the culture at Bilfinger? What is the atmosphere like?

'Good, very good in fact. There is time for a joke but we shouldn't overdo it, we also have to work. And saying a good morning doesn't cost money lol.'

How important is teamwork?

'Also very important. The different departments on this site, mechanical and electrical, have to be able to take care of each other.  If something happens, you have to be flexible with each other. Especially if there is a shutdown, a major stop, for example. A lot of toolboxes have to be prepared, for example. If they are not ready in time then, you have to be able to jump in and help each other.'

Can you describe a typical workday?

'I start at 7:30 at the workshop so always make sure I'm in around 7. Then I start with a cup of coffee, greet my colleagues and we start the day. We start by preparing and seeing if there are enough supplies in stock. If there is a demand from the line, we have to be able to supply it, of course. We work on repairing chain blocks, cutting burners, pressure gauges, saws, lifting belts, etc. The work is so varied, which is precisely why it's so much fun.'

Why have you been working at Bilfinger for 32 years?

'Because I feel good there. It's a nice team. There is a good atmosphere and I really enjoy doing the work; I like to work with my hands instead of my head. The days and weeks fly by, you're busy with so much and that makes you feel good.'

Why should new colleagues choose Bilfinger?

'The job security. This sector (chemicals) will always exist. And if you do your job well, Bilfinger is a fine employer. The pay is also good, and safety is important at Bilfinger. That is also very important, that there is good investment in your safety. Safety is the first priority, everywhere and at all times. And you work for different customers so you get everywhere, and get to know a lot of people.'


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