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Joining Bilfinger as an Engineer after my studies





My name is Daniël Lelivelt and I have been a part of the mechanical and piping team at Bilfinger in Eindhoven since May 2022. Currently, I am mainly focusing on 3D modelling in two different projects. In this blog, I would like to share the story of my career start at Bilfinger with you.

In April 2022, I graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology and obtained my Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. During that time, I was not really looking for a job yet but some LinkedIn messages were already coming in, including one from Bilfinger. Since engineering firms and the chemical industry already had my preference, I responded to this message. After which I got in touch with a recruiter, who introduced me to a young employee. In the meeting that followed, the employee explained nicely what an average working day at Bilfinger tends to look like.

Onboarding and my first week at Bilfinger

In my first weeks, a three-day training program took place called the ‘central onboarding’. This is a program where all new employees are introduced to the company and work together on a case to learn the ropes within the company. I rather enjoyed that all the new employees immediately have to collaborate in technical and non-technical ways. The set-up of these 3 days, including overnight stays, was organized nicely with a good balance between formal and informal moments. It is for sure something I will not soon forget. In addition, there are many opportunities to follow training sessions throughout the year. For example, in the short time I have been with the company, I have already had a steam & condensate course, culture awareness training and an introduction to projects, and more (which I chose myself) are planned in the near future. 

Another thing I still think of often is my first site visit. I had to visit a factory of a client, who wants to reconstruct their vent system of some of their machines. The air that will be extracted had to go through a filter, that filters the chemical particles out of the exhaust air. The site visit included measuring the current system and figuring out the routing of a renovated system. This first of two projects gave me direct confirmation that as a mechanical engineer within Bilfinger I can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world.

A diverse and open working environment

As Bilfinger is an internationally operating company, the team I work in is diverse with many different nationalities. That might take some time getting used to, but given that my study was already entirely in English, adjusting was not difficult. Especially considering that my onboarding buddy, who helped me settle in and with whom I have a good relationship, is from Iran.

What I appreciate most about this working environment is the openness of all the colleagues. You are really free to give your input and shape your own work and career path. Everyone is willing to help and think along to shape your future within the company. Furthermore, Bilfinger in the Netherlands is not too big so you quickly know your immediate colleagues within your discipline and everyone within your office.

Finally, some advice for anyone wanting or starting to work at Bilfinger. Come to the office, visit a different office than you usually work in from time to time, and do not be afraid to talk with your colleagues. Making sure to broaden your network within the company. Personally, I hope to work on even more sustainable projects and with networking like this, colleagues throughout the Netherland are familiar with my interest in future hydrogen projects. I am looking forward to see what else Bilfinger has in the pipeline for me and perhaps we will see each other soon!

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