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Early Career Starters

Where Early Career Starters can Become Part of Something Big!

At Bilfinger, even early career starters can make a big difference in their jobs. Get your start and look forward to exciting duties and project responsibility on a collegial team. No matter whether you join us as a dual study student, intern, university student, direct entry employee or trainee, your start at Bilfinger is the beginning of a career in top technological fields – at an international company with over 130 years of experience.

Do you want to get started right away and turn your ideas into action? Then become part of something big and start your success story at Bilfinger today:

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Apprenticeship at Bilfinger

From School to Bilfinger


Whether you want to work in technical, commercial, or IT field, recent graduates can find their right fit at Bilfinger. Pupils may qualify for internships and dual study programs. Bilfinger has many regional programs to give students optimal conditions for active work and turning ideas into actions. 

Pupils can find their place at Bilfinger. These opportunities include exciting duties, ongoing support as you get started in your career, a global team that provides the support you need, an optimal combination of theory and practice, and excellent networking opportunities to grow your career in your field.

Jobs for apprentice

For pupils

Practical Positions for University Students



At Bilfinger, you can expand your theoretical knowledge by gaining valuable, practical expertise. Depending on your country and company, you may be able to accept an internship or student job, or complete your bachelor's or master’s thesis with us to gain authentic insight into the everyday work of a leading international industrial service provider. We are particularly looking for university students from the fields of economics, engineering, computer sciences, data science and the natural sciences.

You will enjoy active, practical collaboration in challenging projects and working with international teams. During your time with us, you will receive personal support and can take part in continued training programs. In addition to valuable practical experience for your professional future, you will also have the chance to network with individuals who could help your career as a pupil.

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Scholarships for Outstanding Students


We consider helping you to focus fully on your studies and your early career to be part of our social responsibility. This is why we at Bilfinger give out scholarships worldwide, making a valuable contribution to helping recognize excellent performance. Depending on the type of scholarship you receive, we support our scholarship recipients in finances, communication, and personal insight into our company, which may lead to an internship or student job.

Graduates Jobs

For Graduates in Many Different Fields

As a university graduate at Bilfinger you will have outstanding opportunities for starting a successful career. Become part of our international team and work with us to shape the future of the process industry. Your commitment is important in challenging projects, where you can contribute your ideas and make them a reality. We will work intensively to support your development throughout your professional career. Thanks to our customized support and continued training, you can expand your professional and personal skills, while opening up new career opportunities.

We are looking for university graduates in the following areas, among others:

  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Computer sciences
  • Data science
  • Natural sciences
  • Automation

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Our Corporate Trainee Program:
24 Months that Move you Forward

The Bilfinger Next Level trainee program is a unique opportunity for you to lay the groundwork for a successful career at Bilfinger. The program provides you with 24 months of intensive insight into the demanding world of international business at Bilfinger. You may also work in one of our international branches as a trainee.




You will work on large, international projects, and benefit directly from international knowledge transfer at Bilfinger. Throughout your trainee program, you will receive support from an experienced mentor. After completing the program, you will be ready to take on new challenges at Bilfinger and apply the knowledge and expertise you have gained.

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Apprenticeship as electrician
Apprenticeship as mechatronics technician
Apprenticeship as industrial mechanic
Apprenticeship as scaffolder

Personal Insights - Reports from two Bilfinger Early Career Starters

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