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My career development journey at Bilfinger




My name is Marlinda Dijkstra and I have been working at Bilfinger since February 2023 as an HSE & Project Management Consultant. I would like to tell you how Bilfinger gave me the opportunity to grow and develop into the knowledgeable and passionate industrial consultant I am today.

When the time came to take charge of my career, I knew that joining Bilfinger would be a step in the right direction. I started as a Manufacturing Operator at a pharmaceutical company and developed into becoming a Senior HSE & Project Engineer. Although I enjoyed my work, I knew it was time to spread my wings and explore other opportunities within the field.

Before embarking on my professional journey at Bilfinger, I already knew I wanted to learn more about various industries so I could build further on my career. Since I started as an HSE & Project Management consultant, I have learned about multiple sectors, and later focused on the ones I find the most appealing, such as the pharmaceutical, food, nitrogen and petroleum industries. I learned the ins and outs of each one, and therefore increased my skills and expertise.


My first six months at Bilfinger

My first few months at Bilfinger opened lots of doors. I hit the ground running, working on many very different kinds of projects, which meant I could develop my project management skills further. Colleagues working in various fields and teams know they can reach out to me when they need to. After a month and a half, based on my background as a facilitator, I was asked to work on a hybrid business pit stop for a food industry client located in Croatia. It was a two-day hybrid pit stop, the client and facilitator lived and worked abroad, whereas the project team was located in the Netherlands. Something that had never been done before, which resulted in a new method of working.

As a consultant, I am now responsible for feasibility studies, dynamic projects and other tasks. I enjoy the fact that no two days are the same, and that I am always learning new skills.


Continuous improvement

In my previous job, I did a big improvement program by following the LEAN method on a Black Belt level. One of the main activities was change management. I gained a lot of experience in this and made this my specialism. By doing and finishing this Lean Black Belt I am equipped to coach colleagues internally by implementing continuous improvement projects within Bilfinger.

In some time, I have the ambition to be able to further apply my facilitative leadership skills that comply with the mission and vision of Bilfinger. Next to that, I hope to further develop continuous improvement management with the people (already) involved and to take this to the next level internally and externally.

If you are interested in joining Bilfinger for the opportunities for personal growth and development, do not hesitate. It is a great company to develop your professional career, one where you can always show your interest in developing and growing at a personal level and in new challenges.

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