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Professional Growth at the Van Iterson Institute: Not just a trainee but a valued team member





For almost two years now, I have been part of the Van Iterson Institute as a Junior Industrial Consultant at Bilfinger. So far, I have gained valuable insights and had many beneficial experiences that significantly contributed to my professional development. I am eager to share these insights with you to provide a glimpse into my journey at the Van Iterson Institute.

After finishing my Science Business and Innovation degree at VU Amsterdam, I learned about the Van Iterson Institute from a fellow student who had completed a traineeship at Bilfinger. The flexibility of the rolling curriculum, allowing entry at any time, provided a great start to my career and clear path for my ongoing personal and professional growth.

The Van Iterson Institute focuses on training within a professional context; an educational experience integrated into working life - a very unique concept that I have not come across elsewhere. Projects go beyond academic exercises and provide tangible real-life cases to learn from. The blend of working on projects and self-study, followed by lessons from experienced professionals sharing practical examples, bridges the gap between theory and practice.

"The Van Iterson Institute is a great intermediate step between student life and professional life."

The program is structured to cover all eight consultancy departments within Bilfinger . Over the course of three years, participants rotate through these departments before finally choosing the one that aligns with their passion. As someone with a background in sustainability, the diverse technical facets covered throughout the Van Iterson Institute presented a delightful challenge for me.

Experiencing the camaraderie and growth in our tight-knit group at the Van Iterson Institute has been extraordinary. The seamless integration of ‘Van Itersonians’ into the company highlights the uniqueness of the program and learning from experienced colleagues has been invaluable. The open culture at Bilfinger encourages knowledge sharing and juniors are treated as integral team members. Excursions to clients' sites offer visual insights tied to our lessons and often result in enjoyable post-excursion gatherings with colleagues.

Reflecting on my experiences, I can confidently say that attending the Van Iterson Institute with its unique approach to professional development, is a great intermediate step for those freshly out of their studies. For anyone looking for a place to start their career, the institute provides a rare opportunity to be more than just a trainee — it offers a chance to be a true industrial consultant and a valued member of Bilfinger.


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