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Crafting Tomorrow: My time as an intern at Bilfinger Tebodin




I am Jouke van der Veen, a student at the University of Groningen, majoring in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a specialization in the mechanical field and currently in the graduation phase of my study. In this blog, I am happy to share my experiences, insights and advice from my internship at Bilfinger Tebodin.

My interaction with Bilfinger Tebodin began when I received a message from one of their employees on LinkedIn. We had a pleasant call during which I learned a lot about the company itself. This initial contact led to eventually choosing to do my internship at Bilfinger Tebodin.

In my first 10 weeks at Bilfinger Tebodin, I am working in the Electrical Engineering department. My internship is research-oriented, however it also provides me with the opportunity to interact with other departments as well due to the open-office environment. I have been involved in a project that addresses the problem of electricity shortage in the Netherlands. Recently, the strain on the electricity network has escalated significantly. Initially, only a couple provinces were affected, however nowadays the electricity network is becoming overloaded in additional provinces, making the problem increasingly widespread and pressing. My task is to research different ways to maximize the efficiency of electricity usage. I am looking at various options that could provide a stable supply of electricity without putting too much strain on the company's existing systems. The goal is to support our clients to create workable plans to maximize their electricity efficiency allowing them to carry out their day-to-day business without overloading the network and reaching the maximum capacity. As more locations start to experience these electricity shortages, the work I am doing becomes more crucial.

“Doing my internship in an international company for the first time has been a unique experience.”

The onboarding process at Bilfinger Tebodin was comprehensive and I was assigned a lead engineer as my internship coordinator. Regular meetings with him have been crucial in shaping my understanding of the work. Additionally, discussions with former interns and various specialists within Bilfinger Tebodin have provided me with a broader view of the company's operations. One of the most valuable lessons from this experience is the importance of specialization and precision in a specific field. Working on focused tasks and collaborating with a team has been an insightful part of my development during this internship.

Doing my internship in an international company for the first time has been a unique experience. Joining the team at Bilfinger Tebodin and meeting colleagues from outside the Netherlands has been both enjoyable and beneficial for improving my English and communication skills.

As for my future plans, I am still deciding whether to continue studying and pursue a master's degree or start working after graduating. Conversations with colleagues at Bilfinger Tebodin have provided different perspectives that will help me with this decision.

“My time at Bilfinger Tebodin has been an invaluable blend of academic learning and practical industry experience.”

For students considering an internship at Bilfinger Tebodin, my advice is to deeply analyze the company and research its projects beforehand. This can help in choosing assignments that align with your personal interests, which I found very beneficial for my own internship experience.

Overall I would like to say that my time at Bilfinger Tebodin has been an invaluable blend of academic learning and practical industry experience, providing a solid foundation for my future career.


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