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Robert Spruit - supervisor

We now have a very nice team that is there for each other. That close bond and that atmosphere, that is so important. If people are willing to help each other, you can solve anything together. So we keep emphasizing that: you have to run projects together."

The story of Robert

How did you end up at Bilfinger?

"I started at Bilfinger as an HSEQ Officer after completing my Integral Safety course. I did that for five years and also really enjoyed it. But, I wanted to grow and in that position that would mean doing more office work. Instead, I would like to be working outside. I do really like the company and the location where I work, so then I inquired internally. I got the opportunity to start as a contractor in the Painting discipline. My first step was to join the painting team to understand the trade. That way I got to know the trade better and better and made steps to lead a crew myself. Now I have been a superintendent for about a year and from this position I now have opportunities to grow. It's great that this is possible at Bilfinger; switching to a completely different field. ''

What do you like about your job?

"First of all, I like working with people. And I really enjoy working outside as well - close to the work floor. Then you have much more affinity with the executive work than when you're working inside in the office. Now it's about 50/50 outside. As a result, I learn a lot about the technology and every day is different.  It's a very dynamic environment."

How important is teamwork at Bilfinger?

"Very important. Not only for efficiency, but also for the atmosphere. For me, the atmosphere is the most important thing and I am now also partly responsible for that. We now have a very nice team that is there for each other. That close bond and that atmosphere is so important. If people are willing to help each other, you can solve anything together. So that's what we keep emphasizing: you have to run projects together."

What does your future at Bilfinger look like?

"That is still very much open for me. I'll see what comes my way. Maybe I'll do something at another discipline or another location. But first I'm going to focus on continuing to develop in this role. The fact that I am developing myself and that I feel in place is the most important thing to me. Thus, I am also part of the Bilfinger OPEX network to continue to improve as a company and share knowledge with young potentials from other disciplines and locations."

How would you describe the culture at Bilfinger?

"The colleagues here really have passion for the work and heart for the business. How we treat each other is anything but hierarchical, there is really a family atmosphere and it is a close-knit club. People are involved with each other and there is an understanding of personal circumstances. We also often hear that for many colleagues there is no difference in dealing with people who work directly for Bilfinger or through a subcontractor. That is also exactly what you want."

Why are you proud to work at Bilfinger?

"That commitment and close bond of colleagues is really nice to see. And the projects we accomplish together; for example, we completed a project where we worked around the clock in two weeks and applied 600m2 of TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminum - a preservation technique). That makes me really proud to work at Bilfinger!"

Why should new colleagues join Bilfinger?

"You can really get out what's in it here. There are lots of opportunities to develop yourself. With training and courses or by simply learning things on the job. Bilfinger is a very flat company. The management, for example, visits the work sites regularly and is very approachable. They are also open to new ideas or feedback. That's very positive about Bilfinger and because of that it feels like a family business to me."


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