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Bilfinger and me go way back. I used to work at Gasunie, which is a client of Bilfinger. Now I have the opportunity to apply my expertise in a fresh working environment.

Gasunie and Bilfinger have worked together for many years, so I already had contact with the company way before I started working here. I was open to a new challenge and my connection with Bilfinger made it quite easy for me to get in touch. As they already knew of my competencies, the deal was swiftly sealed and I could take the next step and hopefully last, as I will retire in 2027, in my career at Bilfinger.

My specialty lies in the engineering of the underground gas-piping network in the Netherlands. Particularly in the maintenance of them and rerouting of the network. I am happy that I am able to continue my work as a gas piping engineer as it is a niche that is becoming less relevant due to the reduction of gas consumption on a national level.

What I appreciate about Bilfinger is their humanity and willingness to look after their employees. For instance, due to personal circumstances I am unable to work fulltime. This has never been a problem and I feel comfortable working here despite the aforementioned limitations. That certainly is not something you can expect from every company out there.

The team is rather varied in both age and nationality. I am currently the team lead and also the oldest. Since my colleagues are younger than I am, they are in different stages of their lives. It is quite fun to work with people who are going through different things in their personal life. There is also someone in my team who does not speak Dutch, so we speak English in team meetings.

To tie into this, I have a tip for those who want to work at Bilfinger. Make sure you can express yourself in English! You will be working with many individuals who do not speak Dutch, so it is important that you have a good understanding of the English language.

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