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Exploring professional growth at Bilfinger: A trainee’s journey


For 16 months already, I have been following the engineering traineeship at Bilfinger, exploring the intersection of engineering, digitization and sustainability. I am excited to share how this journey has shaped my personal and professional growth so far.

My educational focus on construction and project management set the stage for my career path. Bilfinger caught my attention at a career fair in Delft.  Whilst today, at the same fair, I represent Bilfinger for potential trainees, sharing insights and experiences.

With a master's in Construction Management and Engineering, I aim to broaden my knowledge base and move towards project management by gaining diverse experiences in different departments. Choosing a traineeship at Bilfinger means committing to a dynamic and sustainable professional journey.

Instead of a traditional program, the two-year engineering traineeship involves four department rotations, fostering development through events and emphasizing hands-on learning for personal growth. The aim of the traineeship is to explore various departments and disciplines whilst contributing value as a trainee in a wide variety of projects. I found the opportunities presented in diverse projects. I found my participation to be thrilling and I value the exposure to different perspectives. Also, spending time in four departments helps in future career decisions.

Though not always able to start in your preferred department, the traineeship offers paths to desired roles and might even lead to interest in disciplines that were not on your radar before.  As time spent in a department goes on,  trainees become an integral part of the team.

The traineeship emphasizes grasping the wider business context, which is helpful for those like me aiming for a broad understanding amongst diverse education.

“The traineeship not only met but exceeded my expectations.”

Currently, I rotated into the BIM group as a BIM coordinator. My responsibilities here include coordinating 3D models and interdisciplinary project data. As well as, engaging in clash detections, identifying model issues and managing digital features in projects like VR and laser scanning. In my role as BIM coordinator I must be technically proficient for discussions while also maintaining an overall perspective. The primary challenge lies in navigating new assignments and techniques, striking a balance between understanding them deeply and retaining a broad view.

Not only have I gained valuable insights from the office, but I have also acquired a more practical understanding of the designs through direct on-site experience, for example during the construction of a biodiesel factory. My rotation as a site engineer in civil construction showed me how complex and collaborative this process is, involving many different stakeholders.

"The advantage of the traineeship at Bilfinger is connecting and initiating conversations, as everyone is open to sharing knowledge and providing assistance and support."

In conclusion, my journey at Bilfinger as a trainee engineer is marked to be even more positive than initially expected. Besides that, I am surrounded by great professionals and a supportive community, where you can share knowledge and experiences.

My journey at Bilfinger can serve as an example for growth, learning and success within the traineeship program. They really commit to nurturing talents and providing opportunities to shine, making it a compelling choice for a dynamic career.

For those contemplating a traineeship at Bilfinger, I highly advise to embrace the discomfort of stepping out of your comfort zone, immerse yourself in the experience and use the company's support for your personal and professional development.


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