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Edvaldo Ribero Anes - Construction Painter

Every day I learn something new and also get the space to grow. In addition, the interaction with colleagues is also very good."

How did you end up at Bilfinger?

"I was studying ICT - something completely different - and after my internship I wanted a part-time job. My father also works for Bilfinger and said they could still use painters. So I started doing that, thinking it was temporary. However, my private situation changed, and I liked painting, so I started doing it full-time. Dealing with colleagues is also very pleasant."

What do you like about your work?

"It always remains challenging. After all, you always have to be alert, because every situation and every project is different. Every day I learn something new and I also get the space to grow. In addition, dealing with colleagues is also very good. We keep each other focused on safety."

How would you describe the culture at Bilfinger?

"The great thing is that we all dare to speak to each other about safety, for example. As soon as you see someone doing something that is not safe - whether it's your direct colleague, supervisor, or the project leader - you have the freedom to call him or her on it. As long as you do it in a respectful way. So the team feeling is pretty good here. And that's very important."

Can you describe a typical workday?

"I am currently working with my team on 'blasting' (this prepares a surface for conservation work) and for this project I am a permit holder. Therefore, I sit at the 'start work meeting' early in the morning. That's a start of the day with all the foremen and superintendents to go over what we're going to do that day and whether there are any issues we need to take into account - for example, weather or special circumstances. Safety issues are also discussed there. Then I go and get the permit and hold one of those start-up meetings with the construction team to go over what the specifics are. Then we get to work."

I would like to become a foreman, and who knows after that, a foreman or even a project manager!"

What does the team look like?

"That varies from project to project. Now, for example, I myself am a permit holder and 'boiler man.' That means that during blasting operations I supervise the compressor and check that everything else is in order and running safely. Furthermore, there are colleagues blasting and a foreman is present. The foreman occasionally comes to see if we need anything in terms of materials, for example. And if there is anything, we can always contact him. It's really nice to see that things run like a well-oiled machine here. We feel for each other and know what we can do with each other."

What does the future at Bilfinger look like for you?

"I would like to become a foreman, and who knows after that maybe a foreman or even a project leader! The first step is that I am already supervising a team on small projects as a permit holder and I really enjoy that. It is very nice that I have been given the confidence to do so."

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