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Following an education at the Van Iterson Institute during my full-time job





I am part of the Van Iterson Institute, provided by Bilfinger in the Netherlands. The institute offers distinctive education on the job, such as lessons about the services of each of the departments within the consultancy group  and personal development topics.

The aim of the institute is to stimulate junior industrial consultants to unleash their maximum development potential. Bilfinger used training on the job just like other consultancies did. But training on the job too often means you learn EVERYTHING about the job while executing it for the first few times. Not only gaining experience, but also why and how things need to be done. This is where the institute brings the main difference.

Every week, participants work four days on projects and one day of education on Friday. Each lesson is about the different consultancy disciplines within Bilfinger. Only after participation in the lesson regarding a topic, and performing typical cases studies to deepen understanding are the participants allowed to put that theory into practice within those disciplines and projects. This way, all new employees have a solid basis to go off when they start working. An advantage to this approach is that it keeps short ties with people of all facets of the organization, allowing for effective communication between them. And it enables the company to organize growth and development in a more effective and efficient way.

It is important to attend every lesson. There are 40 weeks of lessons per year and completing the Van Iterson Institute takes three years. Participants of the institute are expected to attend all lessons. Perhaps that sounds a bit strict, but the course is engaging enough to the point that you will not want to miss anything. There are a total of 16 different topics to deal with, so missing too many lessons could mean you miss out on vital information from one or several of them.

The Van Iterson Institute is truly one of a kind and for the company means a huge training investment per employee. Through this, you can tell that Bilfinger attaches a high level of importance to the education and personal development of employees. After you complete the institute, you get the opportunity to decide which department you want to work in, and automatically get promoted.

The Van Iterson Institute has been quite enjoyable for me. Starting a full-time job right after graduation seemed a bit intimidating at first, but it turned out to be great. I still have time for my friends and hobbies next to my work. I noticed that people do not tend to leave their job at Bilfinger, which speaks volumes about the quality of the working environment on offer.

If you are interested in working for Bilfinger yourself, and consequently enroll at The Van Iterson Institute, I have some useful information for you. As soon as you are hired you get a fixed contract, giving you a steady job and income for the foreseeable future. There are monthly meetings about your personal development where you have the opportunity to voice your preferences and what you want to learn. The institute offers a solid base to start working and the management really listens to your concerns and aspirations.


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