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Babs Vandenweyer - Welding Engineer

Bilfinger gives people the chance to develop, even when you can't do everything yet. I myself was soon offered the chance to take a training course, for example. Of course I took that chance. Now it's up to me to prove myself and not disappoint people!"

How did you end up at Bilfinger?

'At one time I learned photo welding myself; welding really interested me. At my previous employer I was working as a welding inspector and non-destructive testing technician. I was mainly involved in performing ultrasonic (welding seam) examination and attending welding tests and procedure qualifications. When I heard about the vacancy at Bilfinger, I actually thought it would be super nice to work at a company that specializes in welding. So I applied and that's how I ended up here.'

What training did you do before this?

'Before I entered 'welding world,' I first gained some other work experience outside of engineering. Initially, when I started my welding training, I thought I would go in the creative direction, for example as a welder of furniture or interior customization - but I went on to become a photo welder. And actually not very strange in retrospect either, because when I started welding it fascinated me from the very beginning. Meanwhile, I am training to become a Welding Technologist. Last year I did the intermediate welding technology switching course and now I'm in my second and final year of the course.' 

What do you like about your job?

'I would say the ideal mix between theory and practice, as well as the social aspect of the job. I find the theoretical side very interesting, it is broad but also very specific. It is also quite cold and technical, without the social aspect it would not have been my job. That ultimate mix and the interaction with my colleagues in the job is super! In my job, you're there to help people after all.'

Can you describe a typical workday?

'A typical workday is very hard to describe. It really varies from day to day, but that's also what makes it interesting. Sometimes the day consists of inspecting already certified welders who want to come work for us as subcontractors. Another day I am busy supervising the welders in training, in collaboration with our welding instructor. But monitoring welding quality and the quality system within Bilfinger ROB is also part of my job. No day is the same!

How would you describe the culture at Bilfinger?

'I think there is a bit of a family culture here. It's a big company, but it doesn't feel that way. We have a good and close-knit team, all kind of the same age (except for our experienced welding instructor, haha). The open atmosphere makes it pleasant to come to work.'

What does the future at Bilfinger look like for you?

'Of course, I haven't started very long ago so it's hard for me to say anything about that. For now, I want to finish my training first and continue as I am doing now. Perhaps in the further future I would like to assist our welding engineers more on a quality level, expanding on my current position. But that's not really on the agenda for now, as soon as it comes, that will come up!

Why should new colleagues choose Bilfinger?

'Bilfinger gives people the chance to develop themselves, even if you can't do everything yet. I myself was soon offered the chance to take a training course, for example. I took that opportunity, of course. Now it's up to me to prove myself and not disappoint people! Personally, I think that trainee welders also get a golden opportunity here to master welding and develop themselves further. And if you're doing something you love, you never really have to work...'


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