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Career growth and development at Bilfinger: A journey of learning and innovation


My name is Jordi De Cleene and my journey at Bilfinger began as a Process Engineer near the Port of Antwerp, in Belgium. Graduating from the University of Antwerp as an Industrial Engineer (focusing on Chemistry) laid a solid foundation for my position here, where I have been a part of the team since September 2022.

One of the things that drew me to Bilfinger was the opportunity to dive into diverse projects right from the start. Even before finishing my studies, I had a contract lined up. This speaks volumes about the company’s trust and commitment towards young talent, enabling not only personal but also professional growth. Furthermore, the port of Antwerp is Europe’s largest chemical cluster, making it an ideal location to kick-start your career aspirations.

Within Bilfinger, my role as a Process Engineer involves analyzing, describing, integrating and optimizing processes using tools or various simulations. This includes designing industrial installations and the integration between individual units, whether it is conceptualizing new projects or refining existing assets. The process department plays a major role in the first stages of the project, shaping initial concepts of installations and assets, and ensuring their seamless function.

So far, I have had the opportunity to work on projects for eight different clients, each presenting unique challenges and learning experiences. One of the most interesting projects I had the pleasure of being involved in, was related to Carbon Capture. A topic of global significance given its impact on CO2 emissions. I have worked on projects involving the storage and shipping of liquid CO2, delving into complex technical aspects whilst considering environmental implications. The support, resources and regular training opportunities provided by Bilfinger, had a great impact in my development within this specific area of expertise.

‘’I am constantly encouraged to step out of my comfort zone, take on responsibilities, and explore new technologies.’’

Furthermore, the flexibility in working hours, the option to collaborate with teams in different locations and the highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic colleagues themselves have enriched my experience.

Looking ahead, my ambition is to continue growing in emerging fields such as Carbon Capture, mastering my skills as a Process Engineer, and delivering impact with the projects I work on.

‘’For those considering opportunities at Bilfinger, I would like to advise to stay proactive, build strong relationships with colleagues, and take every opportunity to learn and innovate.’’

In conclusion, my journey at Bilfinger so far has been a combination of learning, collaboration, and personal growth. As I continue to explore new horizons and contribute to innovative solutions, I am grateful for the support and opportunities this dynamic work environment keeps providing. I look forward to what the future holds in this exciting journey of professional and personal development at Bilfinger.

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