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From Biomedical Scientist to Industrial Sustainability Consultant at Bilfinger Tebodin




I am Britt van der Linden, and I would like to share more about my journey at Bilfinger Tebodin. After my graduation in Biomedical Sciences, with an additional specialization in Consultancy, I was looking for an interesting opportunity where my communicative and leadership skills could come into practice. During my studies, I joined a student organization, De Kleine Consultant, which provided me the opportunity to learn strategy consultancy from industry leaders known as the big four. Moreover, my internships got me acquainted with sustainability and inspired me to look for a job in a commercial company. And here we are, I now work as an Industrial Sustainability Consultant at Bilfinger Tebodin on a diverse range of clients and projects, trying to make a positive impact every day.


Fast-forward to the present: I spend my days advising our clients on all aspects of Sustainability: the seamless integration of ESG (Environmental Social Governance) goals into their operational strategies, guiding them towards carbon neutrality and Net-Zero aspirations, as well as assisting in constructing buildings that comply with the BREEAM-NL standards. As an Industrial Sustainability Consultant, I have been exposed to a diverse set of projects that have broadened my skillset both personally and professionally. Currently, I am involved in a project for a large international FMCG company with aspirations to achieve Net-Zero in production in 2030. For this, my work is carried out in an interdisciplinary and international team, which provides me with the possibility to work with stakeholders from all over the world.


The most fulfilling aspect of my role lies in the dynamic and fast-paced environment that brings tangible and visible results. I like that I am part of a work environment with likeminded people from diverse backgrounds. In our non-hierarchical culture, colleagues are approachable and if you have a good idea and dare to speak up, the sky is the limit.


Within my team, I find myself entrusted with challenging tasks that let me think out of the box and provide me with a certain level of responsibility. However, here at Bilfinger Tebodin, it has never been an obstacle; instead, they manifest as platforms that highlight my potential. If someone were to ask me what sets Bilfinger Tebodin apart, I would say that for individuals seeking growth, particularly for those who are yet to define their exact path, you will find a lot of opportunities.


Throughout my journey here, I noticed the importance of social contact besides work. Taking time to get to know your colleagues and their interests makes the daily practices more fulfilling as I know what moves them. Therefore, I have also joined the Works Council and I represent the colleagues towards the Board of Bilfinger Tebodin. Moreover, I frequently ‘check-in’ with my colleagues and I organize team events that make it easy for people to connect and share their passions. Seeing the effect of my actions and creating a safe and inclusive work environment puts a smile on my face every day. This way I not only make a positive impact on the planet, but also on the people, and the prosperity of the company.

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