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My passion for Engineering at Bilfinger





Hello, everyone! My name is Jason Cronjé, and I relocated from sunny South Africa to the Netherlands a few years ago to pursue my career and studies. Although I am a newcomer to Bilfinger as a structural engineer, I am optimistic about the prospects for my future in this company!

I began my career in Rotterdam, where I worked as a building analyst on various earthquake projects in Groningen. Eventually, I transitioned into a role focused on designing concrete, steel, and timber structures. While I enjoyed the work, I was eager to expand my skill set to include industry projects as well. When I first connected with Bilfinger, I felt a unique sense of excitement. It was clear that growth opportunities were available within the company, which was incredibly encouraging. During my interview process, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and enthusiasm of our conversations. We shared a passion for engineering and discussed how I could fulfil my professional goals at Bilfinger.

I view Bilfinger as a cutting-edge company in terms of sustainability. They have a great understanding of how the industry works, how it can become more sustainable, and how they can improve themselves as a company. It truly changed my perspective as to what goes into running a successful company.

As a medior engineer at Bilfinger, I have the opportunity to delve into the exciting world of structural engineering. My responsibilities include performing complex calculations and supporting senior engineers in various projects. The level of difficulty in calculations varies depending on the project requirements, and I always strive to tackle each task with precision and attention to detail. Working in a collaborative and multidisciplinary team is highly motivating, and I find it rewarding to learn from my experienced colleagues. By taking the time to understand our systems and processes, I am preparing myself for more challenging projects in the future. I believe that starting with smaller projects and gradually working my way up will help me hone my skills and achieve my professional goals.

As an international company, Bilfinger is committed to continuously improving its processes. Streamlining departments worldwide can be challenging, and there may be some growing pains along the way, but I admire the company's dedication to making it work. One aspect that I appreciate the most is the culture of open feedback within the organization. It is clear that Bilfinger understands the importance of feedback for growth, and everyone here works together to elevate the company, one step at a time.

I have recently started my Master of Science in Engineering Management, as I am passionate about engineering and intrigued by the business aspects as well. In the long term, my goal is to become a lead engineer and ultimately manage a team. However, I recognize the importance of gaining the necessary experience to become an effective leader, and I am currently focused on acquiring the skills and expertise needed to become a well-rounded professional.

One of my fondest experiences at Bilfinger was the team-bonding event that involved curling. I was fortunate to start on the same day as the team-building activity, which allowed me to meet everyone right away. It was a new experience for all of us, as none of my colleagues or I had ever tried curling before. Seeing everyone learn and bond over this game was enjoyable, and it was an excellent opportunity to connect with my colleagues on a personal level. This event strengthened my excitement and enthusiasm to embark on my journey with Bilfinger.

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