Nuclear fusion


Magnets and magnet systems play a key role in nuclear fusion. They establish the conditions under which fusion can take place. With our extensive experience in the development and production of normal and superconducting magnets, we collaborate with companies and research institutions to harness this future-oriented form of energy generation.

Magnets for nuclear fusion

Magnets and magnet systems for nuclear fusion

Manufacturing of a torus and a stainless steel support structure for Project RFX


Our normal and superconducting magnets and magnet systems provide our customers with key components for nuclear fusion research. We draw on extensive expertise and experience in the development and manufacture of water-cooled copper coils, complex three-dimensionally shaped and superconducting magnet systems, and magnets with a coil bed that transfers forces from the winding package to the mechanical structures.

With innovative and efficient technologies, Bilfinger provided a dipole magnet for us. We are very satisfied with the highly specialized engineering expertise."

Alfredo Portone Group Leader Analysis and Codes/ITER Delivery Department, Fusion for Energy (F4E) Former Liaison Officer.

Bilfinger has delivered to us complete systems to perform cryogenic tests on the ITER winding packs and for the embedding of the winding packs, tailored to project needs."

Simic S.p.A
Why Bilfinger?

Non-planar coil for Wendelstein 7-X, Greifswald, Germany


What sets us apart

  • Decades of experience in desulfurization technology
  • Development, manufacturing and delivery from a single source
  • Wide range of normal and superconducting magnets
  • Extensive experience cooperating with various research institutes
  • Supply of key components for all major fusion experiments in Europe including ITER, W 7-X, ASDEX, and RFX


With our expertise and experience, we offer our customers engineering services and key components across the entire nuclear fusion value chain."

Michael GehringHead of Sales Magnet Technology at Bilfinger Noell

Our extensive experience in cooperation with various research institutes and large-scale research facilities enables us to develop numerous superconducting magnet systems, test facilities and cryostats, build prototypes and develop customized solutions to problems. This allows us to constantly develop further and work in a visionary way."

Dr. Wolfgang WalterHead of Magnet Technology at Bilfinger Noell

In addition to the wide range of normal and superconducting magnets, our range of services is characterized by development, production and delivery from a single source."

Achim HoblHead of Systems and Products Department, Magnet Technology at Bilfinger Noell

Customized problem solving

We are experts in high-tech specialized machines and solutions in nuclear service, nuclear technology and magnet technology. With our highly specialized engineering and manufacturing competence, years of experience and innovative solutions, we provide our customers from a wide range of industries worldwide with support in their nuclear projects. In close cooperation with major research institutions, we have developed multiple superconducting magnet systems, test facilities and cryostats. We have also built prototypes and developed customized solutions to problems in recent years.

Reference Project EFDA-CSU

EFDA-CSU, Germany

Dipole magnet within the EDIPO project


Services: Bilfinger manufactured the dipole magnet and reacted the conductor after winding at a temperature of about 650°C.


Simic S.p.A., Italy

Cold test facility for TF winding packs and equipment to embed the winding packs inside their coil cases


Scope: Design of a facility for cold testing of TF winding packs and embedding of Winding packs inside their coil cases; conduct of acceptance tests; embedding of winding packs; support of client with specific magnet builder expertise

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