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Nuclear energy
for climate protection




Countries throughout the world continue to rely on nuclear energy as a way to reduce their CO2 emissions. Bilfinger supports nuclear projects worldwide – in engineering as well as in production and assembly – and has outstanding competences, experience and references in the field. This enables Bilfinger to deliver products and services that cover the entire lifecycle of a nuclear plant.

Bilfinger has been working closely with Edvance for more than 15 years, providing support on projects in Finland (Olkiluoto 3), France (Flamanville 3) and China (Taishan 1 & 2). Bilfinger is also providing engineering services for the new EPR (Evolutionary Pressurized Reactor) nuclear power plant in the UK (Hinkey Point C). This plant is being designed and implemented by Edvance, a company formed following the merger of EDF and Framatome.

We asked the Head of Edvance's German office in Erlangen, Dr. Tomas Hahn, two questions about climate protection and our cooperation:

Dr. Hahn, to what extent do you see your work and your projects as a positive contribution to climate protection?

Nuclear power generation is a key component of low-CO2 power generation. About one third of the electricity in Europe is generated with low CO2 emissions - almost half of it by nuclear power plants (NPPs). Each German nuclear power plant saves about 10 million tons of CO2 every year. A lot of countries are convinced that the objective of CO2-neutral power generation can only be achieved with nuclear energy.

This is also reflected by the taxonomy discussion in the European Union (EU): The vast majority of EU member states believe that nuclear power generation is sustainable as long as certain framework conditions are met. The strictest safety standards must be met for new nuclear power plants, for example, and a solution to the final storage issue must be found in the next few years.

We are helping to achieve these goals. The construction of state-of-the-art nuclear power plants that meet the strictest safety standards will increase the share of low-CO2 electricity generation. This means our engineers are making a significant positive contribution to climate protection. We are very proud of the role we are playing.

Bilfinger has given us outstanding support in finding processes that both meet the requirements of the framework agreements with our French parent company and take account of the German legal situation."

Dr. Tomas HahnHead of Edvance's German office in Erlangen


How important is Bilfinger's support for you in your projects?

For Edvance, engineering expertise is our greatest asset. We are essentially measured by our performance and our competence. We are constantly adapting our resources to the requirements of the projects.

Companies like Bilfinger provide invaluable assistance in these efforts. Approximately one fifth of our services are outsourced. Taking this approach helps us to meet changing project requirements. A prerequisite in this respect is that the specialist engineering knowledge and qualifications we require can be provided. We benefit from Bilfinger's extensive experience in this area.

Bilfinger has given us outstanding support in finding processes that both meet the requirements of the framework agreements with our French parent company and take account of the German legal situation.

It was an advantage that Bilfinger is an internationally-active Group and is familiar with the varying conditions in different countries - as well as the fact that Bilfinger's management includes people who have supported EPR projects as engineers themselves. The open relationship based on mutual trust and the understanding of the technical process of our projects make it possible to manage even critical issues and situations in a professional manner. That is why I enjoy working with Bilfinger.

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