The hydrogen value chain

Bilfinger’s products and services support every link in the value chain – from energy generation, through hydrogen production, to its use in electricity and heating, industry and synthetic fuels.


From concept to basic engineering: Bilfinger supports production facility owners, gas distribution and storage operators as well as hydrogen users in planning, developing and calculating ROI on their facilities. The service range spans feasibility studies to conceptual and basic engineering. Our goal is to guide prospective customers by providing the best possible advice and highlighting alternatives throughout the plant planning phase.

Once the decision to invest in a plant or facility has been made, Bilfinger offers end-to-end EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) services for all aspects of the construction pro- cess. These include project management, detail planning, procurement and manufacturing as well as carrying out construction and installation work. On top of that, Bilfinger also takes on the task of integrating systems. Customers can therefore turn to Bilfinger as their single source for everything that goes into a turnkey project.

Once a plant has been built, it must be operated, maintained and its efficiency optimized. Bilfinger performs all maintenance and servicing – from plant operation, through on-call service, routine maintenance, turnarounds and calibration, to plant optimization. The company’s leading position in this market translates into cutting-edge methods and insights.

Thanks to its broad experience acquired over many years, Bilfinger boasts strong process expertise. From gas compression and plant optimization, through gas scrubbing, to plant management, the company’s employees are skilled in the most varied processes and can evaluate process and component effectiveness and efficiency. This expertise is brought to bear across the spectrum of hydrogen production, transport and storage as well as industrial use.

Published in issue 03.2020

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Our wide-ranging experience with hydrogen technology makes us an ideal partner to our customers.

Tom Blades, CEO Bilfinger