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The Biggest Quick Win

Laws and regulations are currently being enacted to increase energy efficiency all over the world. In the Netherlands, a new law requiring energy-intensive companies to prove that they have energy efficient plants has been in effect since January 1, 2023. This includes the legal obligation to conduct regular energy audits and monitor the effectiveness of their insulation.

There is a simple reason why an insulation inspection has become a legal requirement: Insulation is a proven, cost-efficient measure that can significantly increase energy efficiency. It is also relatively easy to identify weaknesses in existing insulation with the help of thermal imaging cameras. With ISO Scan and (Technical Insulation Performance Check), recognized procedures have become established on the market. These procedures systematically reveal where heat or cold is escaping due to missing, faulty or improperly installed insulation.

The next step is a little bit more challenging: Which insulation generates the greatest impact and is the most economical? To help the process industry answer this question, Bilfinger has developed a comprehensive portfolio of services – from standard insulation to customized industry solutions. With its unique combination of engineering and consulting expertise, Bilfinger also helps its customers meet increasingly strict regulatory requirements.

Due to new legal requirements, we believe our clients will have an increased focus on the quality of their insulation this year, and will want to ensure insulation meets the highest standards in order to reduce energy consumption. At Bilfinger BeNe we have the capability to perform the insulation scan, identify heat and therefore energy loss with a thermal imaging camera and install high quality insulation for our customers."

Rob EngelaarCOO Bilfinger Netherlands

Especially when it comes to insulation, a comprehensive overview and and a comprehensive range of services from a single source are important. With TIPCHECK, we have an efficient audit tool at Bilfinger that is the easiest and the fastest way to assess the quality of thermal insulation. Our colleagues determine the thermal loss of the existing thermal insulation while at the same time offering a solution to improve its quality, which translates into an improvement in energy efficiency for the entire system."

Cezary KrzyszewskiCommercial Director, Multiserwis, Poland

With PrefApp, our most recent innovation, insulation isometrics are measured and drawn digitally. Working with 3D images and our PrefApp we are able to produce insulation sheet work for several thousand isometrics in a very short time. Another advantage is that we can produce the cladding before the releases of the piping on site."

Pascal VermeulenCommercial Manager Bilfinger BeNe

Our insulation solutions for onshore and offshore plants not only increase energy efficiency, but also reduce CUI effects, among other things. That’s why we almost exclusively develop and install solutions tailored to the specific conditions of the plants. We believe there is tremendous value in being able to apply our core competences to new sustainable market segments."

Leif Helge EriksenDirector Business Development & KAM, Bilfinger Nordics AS

As a premium member of the European Industrial Insulation Foundation, we at Bilfinger are helping to shape first-class insulation services in Europe and are well informed about the kinds of technologies and innovations that are available. Our customers benefit greatly from the expertise of our TIPCHECK engineers and insulation experts."

Sven EwertBranch Manager Insulation, Bilfinger Industrial Services Schweiz

We use a number of innovative insulation technologies. To mention just one example, we are increasingly using drones for inspections and for thermal imaging to scan areas that are difficult to access. This allows us to identify hidden potential savings."

Ronnie RidgdellISP Operations Manager North America
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