Avoiding potential explosion

Gas-tight habitats with overpressure make working in high-risk areas safe

In many areas where Bilfinger operates, explosive gases are extracted or processed. So working around gas facilities – on oil platforms or in the chemicals industry, for example – calls for the very highest safety standard. After all, in the event of a gas leak, even a tiny spark can cause a devastating explosion.

Headquartered in Aberdeen, Bilfinger Salamis UK has developed a system to conduct work such as welding on pipes safely: the Bilfinger Advanced Habitat System. The habitat lets the company offer customers, particularly those in the UK and Norwegian oil and gas industry, the very highest safety standards. A gas-tight habitat with overpressure that is set up around the work area forms the heart of the system, allowing work to be performed safely inside the enclosure. Multiple gas detectors monitor the system. Should gas be detected, the electric feed to power appliances such as welding tools or grinders is automatically shut down, thus avoiding the risk of an explosion.

Certified to the standards of the EU directive on work in explosive atmospheres (ATEX), the system significantly reduces the risks associated with working around explosive gases. That enhances safety for workers and the entire facility.

Published in issue 02.2019

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