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Van Iterson Institute   Training for Industrial Consultants

The only practical education in the Netherlands to become an industrial consultant

You drive away from your client’s production site feeling satisfied. You have just given the site management a presentation on how best to set up their safety management system.

“You were able to visualize the impact of the adjustments to the risk identification procedures on the availability of the plant very well,” you colleague indicates. “I’m glad they were able to take your advice on board.”

You learned the technical background during your studies. And the rest?

You learned that at the Van Iterson Institute. The only official training for industrial consultants in the Netherlands.

What we offer you

  • Permanent contract in the position of Junior Industrial Consultant.
  • Promotion to Consultant C+ after successfully completing the institute after 3 years.
  • Fixed six-month salary increments.
  • 29 vacation days.
  • Laptop and phone.
  • Classes on Fridays that rotate between classroom and self-study.
  • Classes that include field trips or personal development topics.
  • Work from home option (on non-class days).
  • Company fitness and bicycle scheme.


More information about the Van Iterson Institute

Learning on the job, including theory

You’ll learn a lot while you’re working at Bilfinger Tebodin. In fact, you’re constantly working on your personal development. We certainly believe in learning on the job. But some things are too important to learn in practice. For example, when you have come up with a solution for noise problems that then introduces a problem for fire safety, but you didn’t pay attention to that at the time. That’s why at the Van Iterson Institute we make sure you get a broad range of theoretical knowledge that will help you further in your work. In this way you learn the mutual context and you can gain knowledge of the various specialties we offer.

You don't learn this at univesity

When you graduate from university or HBO, you have quite a bit of baggage that you take with you to Bilfinger Tebodin. You can make calculations and substantiate your choices. But that doesn’t make you an industrial consultant. Because for consultancy you need skills that you don’t learn at university or HBO. These include reporting skills, presentation skills, stakeholder management, project management and commercial skills. You will learn these at the Van Iterson Institute.

In your work at our company, you will only start working on assignments in, for example, the area of environmental management once you have completed the course block on this subject. So that you know how to go about it and why you have to approach certain choices in a specific way. You understand better what you are doing, without needing a colleague as a supervisor for each step.

Who we are looking for

The Van Iterson Institute is for you if you:

  • have recently graduated from a technical study such as Industrial Engineering and Management, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Integral Safety Engineering or Biomedical Sciences
  • have 1-2 years of work experience
  • are done studying, but not learning
  • are happy making an impact with technology
  • want to grow in an international environment

For three years, one day a week learning and the other days working in the field you studied. That’s what we offer you. You know what you want, we help you do it.

Both HBO and WO graduates are welcome. Is your study not listed above? No worries, connections to engineering and industry are most relevant to us. There are many studies that are a good starting point to become an industrial consultant and we would like to look at the possibilities together with you. Please feel free to contact us.

Direct promotion after your training

When you have completed your training at the Van Iterson Institute after about three years and you pass your exams, you deserve a little extra. That is why we offer you a promotion after you have passed. Because you have proven that you can handle more responsibility.

And have you had any good ideas during your training that you would like to get to work on? Bring it up and who knows, you might get a ‘go’. That is how it went with the idea that has now become the Van Iterson Institute.


Meet our Junior Industrial Consultants

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