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Procurement in the world of engineering

Discover the world of Patrick Vogel, Project Procurement Manager at Bilfinger. Learn about his work on the implementation of a digital purchasing platform, how he carries out his projects from start to finish and the role that sustainability plays in his job.

Every new task that comes with my position as Project Procurement Manager is like a piece of rough diamond that needs to be cut and polished."

Patrick Vogel has been working as a Buyer at Bilfinger’s Puch site in Austria since 2019. When he started out, he was responsible for the procurement of fittings as a Commodity Group Buyer and has been working as a Project Procurement Manager since 2023. His strengths include a high degree of flexibility and adaptability.

Before becoming Project Procurement Manager, Patrick worked on the implementation of a digital procurement platform. “That was an incredible learning experience. There are so many issues that have to be taken into account with a software solution like that”, he says and adds: “I really appreciate the range of tasks I have as Procurement Manager at Bilfinger and the fact that small measures, such as the digital purchasing solution, can make ordering processes so much more efficient. These are things that help everyone in the company.”

Patrick’s job is extremely diverse. “With a cup of coffee in my hand, I check my emails in the morning to see what the status of current projects is”, he says. He is responsible for creating and monitoring the procurement plan and supports the project team in a number of different areas. Patrick explains: “The exciting thing about my job is that I am already involved in the project awarding process and therefore have an opportunity to become intimately familiar with the project. That helps me in my role as an interface.” He is also an Excel expert and has a digital cockpit for monitoring his projects, allowing him to follow the progress of his work. “Analytical thinking and a strategic approach are key”, Patrick emphasizes, before adding: “It’s fun to play a part in Bilfinger's success.”

“Every new task that comes with my position as Project Procurement Manager is like a piece of rough diamond that needs to be cut and polished”, says Patrick. He oversees four to five projects for the pharmaceutical industry at any one time. Most of these are for customers in European countries outside Germany.

For Patrick, sustainability plays an important role in his work. He is pleased to be able to make a contribution in this area. What he likes about his job is the open-minded approach to change and the contact with new people. “I see Bilfinger as a modern company and that is something I really value. Anyone who thinks innovatively and wants to modernize is in the right place here”, he emphasizes. “The training opportunities at Bilfinger are diverse and the company actively promotes the learning and development of its employees.”

The professional path that Patrick has taken at Bilfinger shows how someone who is commercially-oriented can join the engineering world and make an important contribution.


Status: June 2024


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