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Inspection and maintenance T Jetty Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk


Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk


Moerdijk, Netherlands


As part of a major maintenance program, Shell wanted to inspect all the piping and supports of their loading jetty ("T jetty") for their current condition. To do this, the T jetty had to be made accessible. Building a scaffold around it would be time-consuming and complicated due to the space available. Also, a scaffold would impose a substantial additional wind load on the T-scaffold. Provisions to reduce this would make the scaffolding costly. In addition, there was a need to know the results of inspections very quickly. In addition, there was a demand for extra support in the inspection area. 

Bilfinger used a team of eight in-house rope access technicians from Bilfinger Height Specialists for this specific assignment. We additionally trained our technicians by Bilfinger NDT Services to perform thorough visual surveys and provided additional services for reporting these inspections in accordance with Shell system requirements.  

Piping is then removed and replaced by our Piping & Mechanical specialists. Bilfinger takes a multidisciplinary approach to the maintenance of the t-jetty for Shell by using scaffolding, rope access, piping and mechanical work, and painting. To organize this as efficiently as possible, we looked together at how we could safely and efficiently carry out the piping access for this job. A combination of scaffolding and rope access was chosen. 

Safety lines have been stretched along the entire T jetty with which the rope access technicians can work to cut loose the pipes which are removed piece by piece with rollers under the pipe. The new pipes are also placed piece by piece by rope access technicians and welded together on site. 

During the work, ships must also be able to dock at the jetty. To avoid having to stop the welding work when a ship is docked, a special welding tent has been developed with an extraction system. The welding fumes are extracted so that they cannot reach the ships, and fresh air is supplied from a safe area for the welders themselves. This allows both the welders and the ship's crew to work safely at the jetty.

When the welding of a pipe is finished, it is inspected with non-destructive testing, tested with hydrotesting, and our painters provide a protective coating.

Bilfingers added value

  1. Major financial savings. 
  2. Lead time reduction of up to four months.
  3. One point of contact from Bilfinger for all work.
  4. Innovative solution for the welding work.

By not having to scaffold the entire T jetty for this inspection, we save a lot of money. Moreover, it's many times faster. I think we save at least four months of time with this."

Kees Krijnen Maintenance supervisor external corrosion Shell
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