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Spheres Upgrade & Refurbishment Project


Ineos FPS

United Kingdom

From the beginning of the ECI phase, Bilfinger engaged our Strategic Supply Chain Partner, Layher, to help develop the safest and most efficient access solution using entirely system scaffold. This demonstrated an immediate improvement on the last Sphere refurbishment project which was a mix of system and conventional scaffold and experienced multiple modifications to scaffolding to accommodate multi-trade working and close boarding around the fireproofing removal activity.

In order to ensure that the scaffold was designed to avoid clashes with plant and unnecessary modifications, Bilfinger carried out a full digital scan of the asset. The Layher team then created the design in LayPlan CAD to fit exactly around the plant. This enabled the Bilfinger Project Superintendent to arrange staged deliveries of the correct components in line with the MTOs mgenerated within the scaffold design for each phase of erection. Having the full digital model of the scaffold also enabled use of VR for training our scaffolders in the safe erection of the roofing system. Bilfinger then utilised our Robotic scaffold hoist "Liftbot" to lift materials safely and efficiently, improving the productivity of our build sequence.


Ineos FPS said:“We engaged with our Tier 1 Strategic Partner Bilfinger UK Limited to provide Scaffold services as part of our PLPG Asset Butane and Propane Tank Overhaul works which is a critical project to FPS in order to maintain our business operations. Over the course of the works, which are still ongoing, Bilfinger have offered a safe, innovative and efficient service with regards to the scaffold build stage. Their project team are highly adaptable and delivery focused whilst maintaining safety as their top priority. We look forward to them keeping up this high degree of performance until completion.”

Added Value

  • 25% reduction in cost and actual hours
  • Layher scaffold designed to fit scanned plant exactly - FIRST TIME IN UK
  • Clash detection around adjacent plant
  • No need for cranes/mechanical lifting with Liftbot robotic hoist
  • VR headsets used for training in safe roof erection
  • Reduced health and safety risk - reduction in manual handling and safe roof erection methodology - 100% of work from boarded platforms
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