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Corrosion Prevention Program Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk


Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk


Moerdijk, Netherlands


Bilfinger and Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk have a multidisciplinary framework contract. The contract includes a comprehensive scope for maintenance, turnarounds and projects, as well as the Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) program. For execution, 300 Bilfinger employees are involved in daily work at Shell's Chemicals Park.

The goal is to strengthen the competitive position of Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk by working together to improve maintenance processes and increase efficiency, with the Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) program playing an important role.

For this contract, Bilfinger is providing services in the areas of scaffolding, insulation, steam tracing, blasting and painting, and pipe lifting. The industrial service provider bundles its expertise in the various disciplines and can thus offer the entire package from a single source. For example, Bilfinger ROB is contributing to the mechanical work for this contract and Bilfinger Height Specialists is providing rope access solutions for visual inspections and non-destructive testing (NDT), among other things - a safe, time-saving and cost-efficient alternative to reach hard-to-reach areas.

Bilfingers added value: 

In recent years, we have been able to increase volume for scaffolding, insulation, conservation and tracing, and introduce new services such as rope access, NDT and piping & mechanical. This expanded package will help Bilfinger and Shell carry out maintenance and projects such as the CUI program efficiently and sustainably."

John PutterManager Operations Bilfinger

"The decision to continue our long-standing partnership with Bilfinger is based on the solid integrated portfolio of services that Bilfinger has demonstrated in the past. Bilfinger's strength across our facilities lies in the combination of these disciplines into an efficient and safe solution. It also makes Bilfinger the largest contractor on our construction site, which means it bears a great deal of responsibility. By awarding the contract and extending the partnership again for five years, we have shown that we trust Bilfinger with this responsibility."

Richard ZwinkelsGeneral Manager van Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk
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