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New vaccine components, synthetic fuels or meat substitutes - there are a large number of developments driving growth in the Life Science sector. Under Life Science, Bilfinger brings together projects in the areas of pharmaceuticals, nutrition and the environment. Perfection is called for in the production of medicines, food or modern environmentally-friendly fuels. This also applies to the design, development, construction and maintenance of high-performance plants.

With our decades of extensive experience, we are a reliable partner for the entire lifecycle of Life Science plants. We deliver state-of-the-art automation technology, prepare comprehensive documentation and provide professional, fully digitalized maintenance management.

Our services focus on the individual needs of our customers. Bilfinger takes a comprehensive view (“design-build-run” approach) and always considers the regulatory conditions of the Life Science industry. This means that during the design and development of plants, we also incorporate requirements that arise later during production and maintenance.

Our customers’ benefit: Plants and components that function reliably over the entire lifecycle and ensure high product quality.

The driving idea behind our Life Science strategy is to be active in business areas where we can improve people's quality of life while at the same time sustainably preserving our global resources."

Wolfgang DornfeldGlobal Head of Business Development and Sales, Life Science bei Bilfinger
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Wolfgang Dornfeld Global Head of Business Development and Sales, Life Science
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