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Aspen Oss: Safety studies for risk mitigation


Aspen Oss



Under SEVESO rules, Bilfinger reviews many safety studies at Aspen Oss every five years. We also conduct about 10 process safety studies per year. For instance, when the customer makes changes to the process or extends the facilities.

Consistency is extremely important in reporting on risk mitigation. With the authorities looking over the customer’s shoulder, it is key that they report on their activities in a consistent and realistic way. Bilfinger helps them to assess the risks in a uniform way and present the measures they take according on a transparent scale.

HAZOP studies are regularly performed, where Bilfinger facilitates the session with experts from different disciplines – process, operations, safety and maintenance – and the customer. It is an intensive process, but ensures that we cover every possible risk angle. This way of working also helps to avoid duplication, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Doing a HAZOP study in the design phase ensures that we can incorporate the findings into subsequent process and safety studies.


  • Safety studies
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Added value from Bilfinger

Bilfinger assesses risks in a uniform way and takes measures according to a transparent scale. This ensures clarity and consistency for the customer. We have a team of safety experts who regularly conduct such studies.

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