Maintenance work
on power plant


Saudi Electricity Company



Ghazlan Power Plant, Saudi Arabia



Testing and Inspection works on boilers and auxiliaries in the Ghazlan power plant


  • Boiler Area: Repair/replacement of boiler tubes, boiler ducts and expansion joints, air heaters, long retractable soot blower, air and gas ducts and dampers, thermal insulation and refractory, gas breaching stacks, deaerator and storage tanks, stream drum, fuel burners and retractable equipment, gas values and actuators, blow down tank and flash tank
  • Intake area: Overhauling of traveling/drum screen, remove/reinstall circulating water pumps and service water pumps, cleaning of bar screens, pump wells and tunnels for cooling and service water pumps, painting of intake area and structures
  • Auxiliary equipment: Remove/reinstall condensate pump and motor, inspection and maintenance of forced draft fans and gas recirculation fans, repair of condensate water boxes, fuel gas knockout drums

Added value:

  • Plant productivity increases
  • Long-term partnership with the customer and high level of plant expertise
  • 200 Bilfinger experts on site who respond quickly and efficiently

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