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Flexibility and organizational skills needed



Without a good team where everyone lends a hand when there’s a need, my job would be virtually impossible."

When someone has been with a company for more than 20 years, it usually means the work they do is varied and there are opportunities to develop. Such is the case with Sebay Öngec. Over the years, the certified mechatronics technician has taken a number of advanced training courses and seminars. Today, he works in Mannheim-Rheinau at Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance GmbH, where he is Maintenance Manager Test Engineering & Electrical Engineering. In this role, Sebay is responsible for nine colleagues.

His workday starts at six in the morning. Boredom is never an issue for Sebay. “Things pretty much never go according to plan, but that's what I like most about my job. My role involves planning operations at our customers’ sites. And if a customer suddenly calls and says the plant is down, that means I have to change the original plan”, says Sebay. Sometimes his phone rings up to 50 times in a single day. Our colleague is in constant contact with colleagues on site and with customers. He not only plans the assignments, but also accompanies the project from the preparation of a quotation to the processing of the order. He is a real organizational talent and a dedicated team player. “Without a good team where everyone lends a hand when there’s a need, my job would be virtually impossible.” That applies across all hierarchical levels. What especially motivates Sebay is the appreciation at Bilfinger. “Being appreciated encourages all of us to become even better.”

The customers come from a wide variety of industries - from chemicals to cement to small companies, there's a little bit of everything in the mix. He and his team inspect electrical equipment. That means they test everything from electrical outlets to complex industrial equipment. A project can be completed within a day or it can take more than half a year. An average of five to ten projects are underway at any one time.

The colleagues are deployed in the greater Mannheim area, but also support other Bilfinger teams, for example in Gersthofen near Augsburg. Sebay says: “Naturally, the inspections are regulated by law, but we help our customers ensure that their employees return to their families in good health after work. So inspections are essential for occupational safety.”

Another one of Sebay’s challenges is finding skilled workers in the electrical/testing field. “If you are reading this text right now and you are keen to work in a diverse workplace where you work independently from day one and have an outstanding team behind you, then apply at Bilfinger”, he says by way of motivation.

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