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Matthew Tyrer, CAE Designer 
(Computer-aided engineering)

I want to gain experience in all engineering aspects that take place at Bilfinger UK"


Why Bilfinger?

I chose Bilfinger UK as they are a well-known reputable company, who are leaders within the Engineering Industry. I had also heard that they support the growth of their apprentices by providing invaluable industry experience along with the qualifications to go with it.


- Level 2 & 3 BTEC Electrical Engineering

- HNC Electrical Engineering

- BEng (Hons) Industrial Engineering Degree

Daily Tasks/Projects:

- My daily tasks consist of helping out on large projects within Prospect House. These can vary from creating multiple panel designs to ordering the equipment or to getting all of the required documentation in order.

- Recently I have been the primary point of contact for the workshop and site installation team. If they encounter any issues on one of my projects,  I work on getting the issues resolved as soon as possible whether that be getting in touch with the client, adjusting a design or ordering additional equipment.

- Alongside my office role, I am also completing my BEng (Hons) Degree. This consists of assignments, exams and working on my dissertation which is a current project taking place at Bilfinger UK.

Key Achievements:

- Completing my BTEC and HNC in Electrical Engineering qualifications.

- Completing my apprenticeship which helped me gain expertise in my chosen career path.

- Attaining a job in my chosen field of expertise at Bilfinger UK.

- Completing further study of a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Future Career Path:

My future career path is to become a well-rounded Project Engineer. I want to gain experience in all engineering aspects that take place at Bilfinger UK and then eventually, I aim to become a Chartered Engineer.  I am also considering whether I would like to study a Masters in Electrical Engineer once my BEng is complete.

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