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Genuine, honest, loyal and interested. These are the values that guide Markus Wiedwald in his position as Trainer and HSEQ Manager. After he earned his master craftsman's diploma in heat, cold and sound insulation, the trained industrial insulator specialized in the topic of occupational safety. That’s why Markus is responsible for occupational safety at Bilfinger arnholdt as Sifa with a set of tasks that includes conducting annual briefings or supervising construction sites in his area of responsibility. In his HSEQ department, he works closely with his 12 colleagues to ensure a high level of safety and quality at all times. Markus is also responsible for training. These varying duties make for a highly diverse daily work routine and are the reason why Markus is as committed as ever, even after 40 years at Bilfinger, and is able to pass on his motivation to young employees.

Markus’ motivation lies in the training and promotion of young people. He currently supports 15 young men and women in their training to become industrial insulators and scaffolders. He acts as a contact person, coordinates the work assignments, is responsible for providing work clothing and is in contact with the inter-company training center. He believes that it is particularly important to promote respectful interaction and an intensive exchange of ideas and information among trainers, trainees and supervisors. To maintain this exchange during the height of the Corona pandemic, our colleague came up with some creative puzzles that he had the trainees solve during block periods of online instruction.

Markus is certain: “When you’ve got it, you’ve got it”. He lives and works in accordance with this principle. Our colleague will certainly put his motivation and commitment to work in an effort to encourage many more young, new employees and also master the challenge of finding new trainees.


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