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What I appreciate most about my work at Bilfinger is the high level of flexibility and trust."


I still remember quite clearly when I moved from Ulm to the Rhine-Neckar region in 2012. I spotted the old Bilfinger building as soon as I exited the highway and headed in the direction of Mannheim. I couldn't get the tall building with the Bilfinger logo on the roof out of my head. Here we are five years later and I am now working for the company as an HR Business Partner!

I had originally completed a dual course of study in business administration, specializing in insurance and finance, with a management consulting firm in Ulm. I was especially fascinated by the content of the program that related to human resources management. After successfully completing my studies, I wanted to take a job directly in this field, but I had limited practical experience. An internship in a medium-sized company then brought me to Mannheim. I never lost sight of my goal of becoming an expert in human resources and continuously developed in a range of positions, most recently as the leader of a small HR team.

And then everything came together at the end of 2017: I took up a position in the HR department at Bilfinger. As a Human Resources (HR) Business Partner at Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance GmbH, I am responsible for the Western region. I am the first point of contact for managers, employees and employee representatives when it comes to HR matters. Specifically, this means that I answer all questions that arise relating to the employee cycle - from hire to retire, so to speak. I not only deal with labor law issues, but also with strategic projects such as organizational development. Hiring processes for new employees are also among my main tasks. When we win new orders, we sometimes need additional workers at the plants. These employees are recruited within the scope of so-called "ramp-ups".

What's great about my job is that I get to experience the full range of my profession. I'm involved in all areas of our activities, so I get to see a bit of everything. I'm involved in a wide variety of projects and I'm in contact with a lot of colleagues from different departments. That makes my work extremely varied and exciting.

But what would all this be without great colleagues! Thanks to the pleasant working atmosphere, it is incredibly fun to work at Bilfinger. Not only in my HR team, but also in contact with other employees, some of whom are at completely different locations. There is a very good working atmosphere. I believe it is exactly the regular exchange of information and ideas at our company that makes this close connection possible. This has been maintained throughout the Corona pandemic with video conferencing and phone calls.

What I appreciate most about my work at Bilfinger is the high level of flexibility and trust. I can organize my work myself, and that gives me a lot of freedom. As a result of this personal responsibility and the trust that has been placed in me, I am able to fully pursue my visions and goals. What I already knew in 2012 has been confirmed in practice: I really like working at Bilfinger.

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