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  • Integrated concept for asset management, maintenance, modifications and digitalization
  • Optimizing the modification schedule for production equipment processing human plasma for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals
  • Three Bilfinger entities combining their capabilities


Bilfinger has been awarded a three-year strategic partnership with a customer from the pharmaceutical industry. A large multidisciplinary team will take care of asset management, maintenance, modifications, engineering and digitalization until at least the end of 2023. The focus is to improve the full asset management life cycle in a smart way to increase efficiency while adhering to the strict standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) of the life sciences industry.

“This contract shows once again that one of Bilfinger’s strengths lies in combining the capabilities of several entities into an integrated solution from one single source”, says Christina Johansson, Interim CEO and CFO of Bilfinger. “Bilfinger continues on its growth path in biopharma by using our experience in this highly regulated industry to make sure all processes comply with the strict quality and safety standards.”

The team from Bilfinger Tebodin (headquartered in The Netherlands), Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance (headquartered in Germany) and Bilfinger Digital Next (headquartered in Germany) will perform various tasks to optimize the asset management, including maintenance and modifications. The customer’s plant uses human blood plasma from donors in the production of plasma pharmaceuticals to treat different life-threatening conditions.

The customer chose Bilfinger due to their experience in the extremely high quality standards in the production of pharmaceuticals. The standards ensure the safety and reliability of the pharmaceuticals for patients. Bilfinger’s integrated offering combining asset management, maintenance, modifications, engineering and digitalization from one single source reduces the number of interfaces for the customer and increases efficiency.

By analyzing the current asset management and maintenance systems, the Bilfinger team will identify ways to improve e.g. the timing of the maintenance measures, spare part management and the type of inspections carried out. With a smart modification plan, the experts will optimize the change-out of equipment in order to prolong its lifetime (‘life time extension’) and minimize disruptions to the production schedule. Additionally, Bilfinger will also support in engineering projects and evaluate how mobile maintenance applications and the BCAP platform can digitalize the asset management, maintenance and modifications for higher data transparency and efficiency.

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