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Skilled specialists are scarce, a fact that also applies to maintenance and conversion measures in industrial plants. Particular challenges present themselves when unexpected developments arise and more personnel than originally planned is suddenly needed.

Spontaneous need for more manpower on work orders in the process industry is not an uncommon occurrence: Unexpected events can happen fast – and often lead to increased scope of work. Especially on larger construction sites or more complex projects, staff requirement, it is often only possible to make a rough estimate in advance. If unplanned challenges arise while work is in progress, additional specialists often have to be called in to ensure that schedules can be met.

But where are you supposed to find such specialists? Employees with the appropriate qualifications are difficult enough to find as it is. Recruiting them on short notice and at the required location adds an entirely new level of difficulty. A further consideration is of course whether these are employees who can fit into existing teams, master occupational safety standards and contribute as much diverse experience as possible – can they do the work expected of them in the shortest amount of time?

With the maintenance center and our resource network, we are uniquely able to resolve even major staff shortages at our customer' sites."

Dag StrømmeGlobal Development Director Maintenance & Key Account Management at Bilfinger

Because Bilfinger faces such challenges on a regular basis, the industrial services provider has developed a special service for its customers: “A central module of our Bilfinger Maintenance Concept (BMC) is the Maintenance Center,” says Dag Strømme, Global Development Director at Bilfinger. “The idea is to provide only those employees who are actually needed for the implementation of the contracted services. This results in reduced costs for our customers and the employees who are not currently needed are available for other customers, orders and projects. Most importantly, the solution increases our customers’ flexibility from a local perspective.”

There are special challenges when it comes to larger projects or turnarounds. “For such projects, we have worked out yet another solution with our Resource Network,” says Strømme. “Our Resource Network includes around 3,000 employees. If we need more employees than originally planned, we select the required qualifications using a powerful software program and can thus provide the required number of employees within a very short time. The customer is not the only one who benefits: This allows the employee and the providing unit to also continuously expand their expertise and wealth of experience. The service thus creates a win-win-win situation – for our customers, our employees, and our units.” 

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