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Maintenance for Umicore Hoboken




Hoboken, Belgium


Bilfinger has been helping Umicore with plant maintenance for many years with scaffolding, insulation, painting and tracing. During major maintenance, the entire plant is opened and checked and minor repairs are carried out, in a short period of time. At the Umicore site, Bilfinger works with some twenty to twenty-five scaffolders for regular maintenance, eight insulation technicians, six painting workers and a technician for electrical tracing. During major maintenance, that rises to as many as seventy scaffolders twenty insulation fitters and fifteen painters.


Bilfingers' added value

In recent years, we have really made a big professionalization move in the area of safety together with our customers, including Umicore in Hoboken. From Bilfinger, we set our safety standards at an ever-higher level. We look at how we can improve this ourselves and how our various customers do it. In this way, together with our customers, we improve safety performance at the sites where we work.

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