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Maintenance factory Nippon Shokubai 


Nikkon Shokubai



The NetherlandsBelgium
Chemicals & Petrochemicals

For the Nippon Shokubai Europe chemical plant in the port of Antwerp, Bilfinger is providing the scaffolding work and the insulation work. For the daily work, some thirteen Bilfinger employees are at work on the site of Nippon Shokubai's plant. During a shutdown, there are three times as many. Over the past year, the operations manager, project leader and on-site foremen have built a strong team; together they represent more than a hundred years of Bilfinger experience!


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Added value

Besides the strong and experienced team, there is another reason why Nippon Shokubai Europe chooses Bilfinger. This is because we also deploy our Client Portal there. Through this digital innovation, the client can view all relevant data surrounding scaffolding construction projects. Think of an overview of scaffolding in the factory, the established KPIs and the financial contract agreements. In this way, we create optimal trust and can work together efficiently.

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