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Facing the challenges of work and school

I have learned a lot since joining Bilfinger and have been able to develop further. "

Jelena Krajina works as a Project Engineer at the Bilfinger location near Salzburg, Austria. Her main task is to monitor the quality assurance of plants. “We test the plants in accordance with a specific test plan here in Puch during the production process, but also during final acceptance at the customer's premises,” explains Jelena, adding, “My work ensures that the medicines that are produced in the plants cannot be contaminated and thus cause harm to people. That is something that I am very proud of.”

In the nearly four years that Jelena has been part of Team Bilfinger, she has focused primarily on pharmaceutical projects. “I have mainly been involved in the construction of plants for the production of medicines and probiotics”, says Jelena. Her job has already given her the opportunity to spend 10 months working abroad in Europe. “During the coronavirus pandemic, I spent some time in Denmark, where I was able to supervise a larger project on site. That was very interesting. That’s what I really like about my work, it’s extremely varied”, says Jelena. “Every project not only teaches me something new in terms of my job, but also helps me grow personally.”

Jelena’s appetite for knowledge motivated her to complete a part-time Master’s degree in Materials Science which she completed while working at Bilfinger. She had the support of her superiors and colleagues throughout what was an extremely challenging period of time. “It was a very intensive phase. But I was also able to cut back a little on projects. I don’t know if I would have managed without the support of my employer.”

“I have learned a lot since joining Bilfinger and have been able to develop further. The personal progress has been made possible by the excellent atmosphere in the team. I really appreciate the team spirit, the support that we all give each other and the attitude toward dealing with mistakes at Bilfinger”, Jelena emphasizes and explains: “When I first started at the company, I had no idea exactly where the journey was going to take me. I am proud of what I have achieved in the four years and know that the engineering profession is a perfect fit for me.” She would advise career starters to keep an open mind and to have confidence that they will find the right job, even if they are still not quite sure where they are headed.


Status: May 2024

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