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Flare Stack Welding



United Kingdom

Bilfinger UK's Maintenance Department were tasked to install rain caps and insulate blocks to improve access requirements impacted by challenging weather conditions and the close proximity of an exhaust turbine.

Traditionally a cradle system would have to be rigged and repositioned to work around the flare stack, but these are restrictive, time consuming, and degradation of steelwork meant this wasn‘t possible.

Our five-man rope access team worked from anchor points around the flare stack and installed new supporting steelwork. Using breathing apparatus (BA), they were then able weld new rain caps while working from ropes. Instead of tack welding pins, our technicians used a stud welding gun to install 250 new insulation blocks.

Our team overcame a number of unexpected challenges, and the use of a stud welding gun, and BA-trained rope access personnel meant we reduced installation time, completing the work plus additional scope within TAR timelines.


Added value:

  • Reduced installation time
  • Additional scope completed
  • Met TAR timelines
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