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Client Portal: Up-to-date insight and time savings for BP and Delamine


BP & Delamine


Rotterdam and Delfzijl

The NetherlandsBelgium
Chemicals & Petrochemicals

BP and Delamine wanted a clear overview of all scaffolding in use to save time and costs.  'One of the main goals we want to achieve with the Client Portal is to make the internal clients more aware of the stand time and rental costs of the scaffolding. They didn't have that insight.' Says Norman Meerkerk of BP Raffinderij Rotterdam. 'In addition, the scaffolding coordinator spent a lot of time keeping records in excel. Yannic Richter of Delamine points out the problem at their site: 'A big challenge at our company is the plant layout with a high device density which means scaffolding regularly gets in the way. Many activities in and around the plant reinforce this. For this it is crucial to continuously know how much scaffolding is in the plant and exactly where this scaffolding is located.'

MaintenanceEfficiencyISPDigital and Innovation

The Client Portal allows clients to view all relevant data surrounding their scaffolding construction projects. From dimensions and locations to photos of the scaffolding and costs. It also provides easy insight into the status time of the scaffolding. This approach increases the transparency and efficiency of Bilfinger's customers' scaffolding construction projects.

Application of the Client Portal promised to make our scaffolding usage easier and more insightful. Bilfinger certainly delivered on that promise. "

Yannic RichterService coordinator Delamine

Added value

  1. Real-time transparent information.
  2. Combine different activities on one scaffold. 
  3. Digital order processing. 
  4. Greatly improved management of scaffolding, and therefore lower rental costs. 
  5. Better overview of established KPIs. 
  6. Quick insight into financial agreements.
  7. Time savings.
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