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Clean Room Monitoring & Control



United Kingdom

Bilfinger UK's Automation Department were awarded a contract to implement equipment to monitor and control the environment within the clean room, which is critical as even the slightest variation in temperature could significantly affect the process.

Our customer’s control system provided monitoring and control of cell culture processes, which are used to provide active ingredients for vaccinations. The control system monitored and controlled a number of conditions including; temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, airflow and oxygen.


We carried out the detailed design, programming, installation and commissioning of a validated automation system for the environmental monitoring and HVAC equipment in the manufacturing bioprocess utilising a distributed control system.

We also delivered the system using Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) and provided a foundation for future expansion and replacement of obsolete automation systems.

Technology utilised:

  • PLC
  • Networks – Wireless communications
  • Others – Tablet PCs were used as SCADA clients
  • Management – GAMP, CFR21 Part 11 and full project lifecycle using our ISO 9001 TickITplus accredited quality management system

Added value:

  • GAMP standard delivered
  • Compliance with CFR21 Part 11 Regulations
  • Existing systems integration
  • Designed for future expansion
  • Effective monitoring & control of clean room conditions
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