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Bumper Bar Installation



United Kingdom

Bilfinger UK were commissioned to design, fabricate and install an additional bumper bar to provide adequate protection to all areas of an offshore asset as lifting operations to the rear access hatch frequently caused damage to the air intake louvres, and the adjacent fire hydrant, despite an existing bumper bar system being in place.

We carried out a comprehensive survey to ascertain the dimensional restraints of the area. The information gathered was then used to design a bespoke bumper bar which sits below the original, covering the air intake louvres, whilst an extension piece protects the fire hydrant.

The new bumper bar was designed for streamlined installation, with minimum disruption to the platform in mind. It was pre-fabricated onshore, and shipped as two easy to install components, reducing offshore man hours and abour costs to the client.


Added value:

  • Installation completed ahead of schedule
  • Installation completed safely
  • Installation met client specification
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