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Ali Neimi is Head of the EI&C department at the Bilfinger site in Leverkusen. In this People story, he talks about his job as a department head, what his daily routine looks like and how he spends his free time.

Development is key

Ali started his professional career with an apprenticeship as an electrician. He took the decision to join Bilfinger in September 2018. “Bilfinger is known as an attractive employer in Leverkusen. It wasn’t really a very difficult decision to join Bilfinger”, recalls the family father.

At Bilfinger, Ali initially worked as an electrician. But it was always important to him to be able to continue his education while working. “It was my goal from a very early stage to become a foreman. Bilfinger helped me to achieve this goal, which meant that I was able to complete technical school and work at the same time. It was an exhausting time, but I am proud that I managed to successfully complete that chapter,” says Ali. In 2019, he achieved his goal of becoming a foreman. But his career journey was far from over at that point. The following year he became deputy department head and, since January 2023, Ali has been Head of the EI&C department.

Wide range of tasks

As a department head, Ali has a widely varied daily routine that includes a lot of different tasks and challenges: “On the one hand, I am constantly communicating with our customers, ensuring that their concerns and wishes are taken care of. I relay these concerns and wishes to my team and help with the implementation. Overall, I would say that my job consists of a mix of customer relationship management, employee management and organizational tasks.”

Ali has established a particular routine in his day-to-day work that allows him to manage this broad spectrum of different tasks: “My working day gets started at 6:45 am. We start each morning with a short team meeting that goes on for about 15 minutes. During this meeting, we talk about what tasks are pending and how we can organize ourselves as a team.”

Cooperation in the team and with the customer

In daily interactions, Ali believes that respect and appreciation for each other are extremely important. This applies both to interactions within the team as well as in communications with customers and other stakeholders: “I am in contact with our customers on a daily basis. This makes it possible for me to ensure that they are satisfied. I am also very much aware of what they value and what is important to them. This cooperation in a spirit of trust is very important to me and, in my eyes, is our key to success.”

Family as a way of finding a balance to work

The fact that Ali takes great pleasure in his job is immediately apparent to anyone who talks to him. But as a young family man, he is also happy to be able to spend time with his family every day: “I’ve been a father for about three years. I spend almost all of my free time with my family; we go cycling together or go on excursions to the zoo.”

Status: September 2023

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