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Advanced Robotics Inspection



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In the energy industry, ensuring the safety and integrity of pressure vessels is paramount. Regular inspection is essential to ensure their safe operation, maintain structural integrity, comply with regulations such as API 510, and optimise their performance.

Planned and thorough inspection campaigns prevent catastrophic failures, reduce maintenance costs, and extend their lifespan. Bilfinger Danmark A/S was therefore asked to come up with a forward-thinking method providing the highest standard of safety and quality while optimising operational processes.


With the advancements in robotic technologies, Bilfinger has selected the G.E BIKE as the best alternative inspection solution for the inspection of pressure vessels. Driven by a combination of safety, time efficiency, repeatability, accuracy and cost efficiency, this robot can be used rather than traditional vessel entry inspection.

Added value:

  • By deploying robotic technology, we eliminate the need for people to enter confined spaces during inspections, reducing the risk of accidents, injuries, or exposure to harmful substances
  • The implementation of this technology allow us to reduce the site team by 50%, significantly improving safety and efficiency
  • Compared to conventional methods, our inspection time is reduced by approximately 90%. Robots can work continuously as they don’t require breaks, and can cover a larger area in a shorter amount of time. This can lead to reduced downtime for the operation, culminating in significant cost savings
  • Thanks to cutting-edge LiDAR mapping technology, our reporting process became intuitive, presented within a 3D model of the asset. This allowed for easy tracing of points of interest, resulting in a faster, more accurate, and more reliable data localization system. Robots can be programmed to follow precise inspection routines with a high level of accuracy and consistency. They are less prone to errors caused by fatigue or distractions, ensuring thorough and reliable inspections
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