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Advanced NDT Partnership



DenmarkUnited Kingdom

Bilfinger Danmark A/S is proud to introduce a transformative partnership with Denmark’s leading Oil and Gas Company.

Renowned for their commitment to innovation and sustainability, our valued client has always set the industry standards for excellence. In alignment with their visionary approach to daily operations, we embarked on a journey to redefine Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) solutions, leaving behind the era of conventional, one-size-fits-all methods.

As our client aimed to make a substantial shift in plant integrity management, focusing on safety, efficiency, and reliability, they entrusted Bilfinger to explore alternative inspection techniques. The challenge was clear: how to carry out inspections that are safer, quicker, and more reliable while meeting specific objectives, including improved repeatability, higher accuracy, increased Probability of Detection (POD), full digitisation for audible results, faster integration into digitisation projects, enhanced safety, and improved inspection speed.


We introduced Automated PAUT, ToFD, Digital Radiography and 3D Laser scanning as our main in-service inspection methods offshore. These techniques are now conducted on a daily basis, offering more accurate, repeatable and reliable data to our client, helping them to make informed decisions with confidence.

With the shift from conventional NDT methods to ANDT, we can now accurately detect, size, and locate defects with remarkable precision. Our advanced methods allow for more targeted maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring asset longevity.

Bilfinger is now employing over 70 highly experienced multi-skilled ANDT technicians, making us one of the largest ANDT provider in Western Europe.In our quest for unparalleled excellence, we’ve taken innovation one step further by combining our advanced ANDT techniques with the versatility of rope access. This dynamic synergy has transformed the way we serve our clients, offering adaptability, efficiency, and significantly reducing downtime while eliminating the need for scaffolding.

Added value:

  • Precision: ANDT techniques increase the Probability Of Detection (POD), offer more accurate, repeatable and reliable data to our client
  • Versatility: By combining our inspections techniques with Rope Access, we offer efficiency, flexibility and restricted access solutions
  • Resources: We have a pool of over 70 highly experienced multi-skilled ANDT technicians, enabling us to respond quickly when asked to deploy personnel for unplanned workscopes
  • Productivity: By embracing the ANDT techniques, we’ve supercharged productivity on the offshore platform. The 30% increase in efficiency is a testament to our dedication to streamlining operations, minimizing downtime, and optimizing asset integrity.
  • Cost: In our quest to provide unparalleled value, we’ve also introduced rope access into the equation. This approach has not only streamlined the inspection process but also eliminated the need for scaffolding.
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