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Underdeck Access System Rectification



United Kingdom

Bilfinger UK's ISP Department were tasked to complete coating rectification works which involved surface preparation and painting of over 2,100sqm of underdeck, and therefore posed safety and access issues.

The client had previously had the work estimated at over £500K execution cost, using their standard ‚per square metre‘ estimation framework. However, our team believed the client estimation was potentially high, so approached them with a proposal for a fixed price model which allowed them to reduce total cost, and without risk of delayed execution and cost escalation.


The scope was surveyed by our experienced Scaffolding and Coatings Supervisors who fully estimated the job. Their familiarity with the asset meant they could factor in any scheduling issues they anticipated. After the team had considered a wide portfolio of access techniques, including scaffolding and rope access systems, an AT-PAC system scaffold was proposed for the full scope, in order to drive the speed of the build and dismantle.

Due to the position of work taking place considered overboard, an engineered structure was designed for this workscope. To ensure the scope would be completed within the client‘s schedule, accurate material ordering and sequencing was key. System scaffolds have a large number of individual parts that must be connected in the correct order. Our team of five scaffolders built over 750sqm of this specialised underdeck system in 25 days. This was against the client estimate that the work would take 48 days, based on the use of conventional scaffolding.

Once erected, the system enabled a team of eight painters to deliver the required coating repair scope. They identified that the area could be blasted using Scotgrit. This environmentally friendly abrasives made from a mix of crushed recycled glass and pure granulated furnace slag, and has a greater coverage rate and deals with heavy scale more effectively than traditional garnet. Unlike garnet, Scotgrit does not require encapsulation, and with careful monitoring, can be dropped to sea at intervals.

Added value:

  • 35% client saving on original estimate
  • Scaffolding hours reduced by 50%
  • Painting scope delivered 14 days head of schedule
  • Total workscope completed in 77 days against a 118 day client estimate
  • Reduced timeframe enhanced savings through reduced flights, POB and interuption to other scopes and platform work
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