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Six chimneys at a height of 70 meters



The NetherlandsBelgium

On the PEFA (Pellet Factory) was a request to preserve six chimneys. These chimneys including platforms were in need of maintenance. The work consisted of cleaning, rust removal and preservation of these chimneys at a height of 70 meters.

The location is so high that an aerial work platform cannot reach it. This means that the chimneys can only be reached by scaffolding or using rope access. A scaffold would have to be erected from a lower structure, but this would make it too large and heavy. It would also greatly increase the lead time and the number of risk hours. This is why we were asked to present a plan to carry out the work with rope access.

Because we needed to preserve the steel structure under the floorboards, we temporarily removed the grid floors. This made the site inaccessible without control measures. By using tensioned lines and rope access techniques, our technicians were able to carry out the work.

  • Rust removal
  • Cleaning
  • Painting

Added value from Bilfinger

  • Fast & efficient access to the worklocation
  • Shortened the turnaround time
  • Less hours at risk
  • Great financial benefit
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