Rope Access
for inspection


Shell Chemie Nederland



Moerdijk, The Netherlands



Bilfinger provides different services on the maintenance of the Shell Moerdijk plants and installations, including visual and non-destructive (NDT) inspection.



Bilfinger used rope access, a method based on the use of rope, climbing techniques and safety equipment, to work safely at heights for the inspection of the T-jetty, where ships are loaded. After the inspection, Bilfinger shared its data and findings with Shell. Therefore, the customer knows precisely where they have to carry out repair work.

Added value:

  • Great financial savings for the customer
  • Total time required reduced by as much as four months compared to other access methods
  • Bilfinger’s In-house rope access expertise



Rope access for visual and
NDT inspections 
at shell moerdijk

Shell Moerdijk called on Bilfinger's new expertise for the rapid and efficient inspection of its T-jetty – and also benefited from significant financial savings.

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