The Technologies service line provides solutions for the process industry that are informed by increasing environmental awareness, by greater demands on competitiveness, by technological innovations, and by the desire to enhance the performance of industrial plants. Its core competencies are in the fields of servicing, constructing, and digitally networking components and systems for the cost-effective, emissions-friendly operation of energy systems and industrial plants with stringent process and materials requirements. The service line pursues its activities globally in the key industries Life Science, Energy & Emission Control, and Automation; it is actively involved in structuring the change that the process industry is currently undergoing. This includes modules for biopharmaceutical systems (so-called "skids"), for example, as well as filter technologies ("scrubbers") used in ships and components used in the nuclear power industry.

Energy & Emission Control

Global warming and the legislative measures being taken to reduce emissions are the backdrop against which the business unit "Energy & Emission Control" pursues its activities. The services it offers focus primarily on emission control systems and the emission-friendly operation of industrial plants. This includes filter technologies serving the desulphurization of flue gas emitted by naval vessels ("scrubbers"). Solutions are developed for the cement industry that enable it to comply with tougher thresholds for nitrogen oxide. To this end, Bilfinger has designed a selective catalyst reduction (SCR) technology that is able to reduce NOx emissions by more than 90 percent.

Life Science

Demographic change is having an effect throughout the world. Across the globe, the population is becoming older, the number of older people is increasing, and the overall population is on the rise. As a consequence, the demand for pharmaceutical products is also increasing. Bilfinger designs, produces, and assembles groups of apparatuses including complete, ready-to-operate systems. The company has the necessary know-how in the fields of engineering, project management, process technology, sterile environments and clean rooms technology, as well as ultra-clean media technology. Additionally, the business unit "Life Science" offers solutions for the foodstuffs industry.


The core competency of the "Automation" business unit consists of solutions for process control and regulation tasks performed in production processes. The automation solutions assist clients in increasing the productivity of their systems and in saving costs over the long term in the production process. Bilfinger develops and delivers process control and safety systems and performs the appurtenant commissioning services. 


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