Decommissioning of
nuclear power plants


The decommissioning of nuclear facilities requires specialist expertise and extensive competence. We have already helped our customers successfully complete many decommissioning projects.

Decommissioning of NPP

Decommissioning work at the Mülheim-Kärlich nuclear power plant in Germany


Our services range from feasibility studies, design and approval planning, decommissioning, post-operation and execution planning to the supply of equipment technology and the actual execution of the work. We assume responsibility for both individual tasks and the complete decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Our expertise in nuclear technology means that we are often asked to take on challenging tasks, such as the dismantling of major components.

Why Bilfinger?

What sets us apart

  • Full decommissioning and coordination of key trades from a single source
  • Decades of experience in the planning and implementation of decommissioning projects
  • Leading expertise in nuclear technology
  • Highly qualified and experienced professionals
  • Use of state-of-the-art technologies and processes
  • Compliance with the strictest safety requirements
Our services at a glance

Our services at a glance


Feasibility studies

Verification of the feasibility of decommissioning or safe enclosure, testing of decommissioning concepts for contaminated major components, analysis of waste treatment options taking into account dose rate, determination and classification of radioactive waste quantities

Design and approval planning

Identifying the current status, preparing workflow descriptions and step sequence plans, compiling information on required radiation protection measures and the expected collective dose, planning waste material treatment including packaging and storage, describing and planning required equipment and facilities, preparing detailed schedules 


Preparation of strategies for decommissioning and dismantling, concept planning for technology, deadlines and budget for the post-operating phase, execution planning for decommissioning

Equipment technology

Design, manufacture, supply and provision of the equipment required for the decommissioning process

Execution of the work

Assuming responsibility for individual activities through to complete decommissioning: provision of specialist personnel for project management, specialist site management for mechanical engineering as well as electrical and control technology, provision of personnel for occupational and operational safety, quality assurance/documentation, work preparation as well as reporting 

Use of most recent technologies


We employ the latest processes and innovative technologies for all our projects. Because decommissioning projects are highly individual, we make sure that the approach we take is perfectly aligned with the needs. With our extensive practical knowledge of a nuclear plant's entire value chain, we can find the right solution for any challenging situation. 


In addition to the expertise of the Bilfinger group, we have been able to put the strengths and experience of the individual Group entities to work, allowing us to make the best use of the experience and knowledge that is available."

Project manager for the dismantling of the containment vessel at NPP

We needed a dismantling process that is safe, low in emissions and works at high speed. Bilfinger won the competition by using gantry wire saws that are industry-proven and had the innovative approach of turning a wire saw 90 degrees and then guiding it down the steam generator to cut it into pieces."

Günter HupeHead of dismantling Mülheim-Kärlich at RWE Nuclear GmbH
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