Plant engineering
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From piping construction to complete plants: We are experts in the manufacture and assembly of plants and systems for companies in the Life Science industry. For the pharmaceutical industry, nutrition or environmental sectors – our objective is to set standards with our solutions.


Customized solutions

Customized solutions


Our range of services for plant operators in the Life Science sector includes components, modules, complete process units and even turnkey plants. We provide both prefabrication and on-site assembly. And, of course, our services also include the installation of the plant systems such as piping, process control and a full state-of-the-art qualification. What all our products and services have in common: they are customized to meet the special requirements of our customers.

We build plants for our customers in the food and pharmaceutical industries that meet the high standards of quality and hygiene. The advantage for our customers is that we combine all services (including electrical engineering and automation) for plant construction at Bilfinger. This enables us to produce food and additives in high reproducible quality, which is essential in the life science industry."

Matthias BuchHead of Sales and Business Development Nutrition at Bilfinger Life Science Nutrition GmbH

The scaling of renewable energy and sector coupling are the challenges of our time. We have been successfully supporting our partners in the implementation of CO2 reduction projects for over two decades. Our many years of international experience and our know-how in the energy transition is your head start."

Tom KöhnECP Sales V at Bilfinger Life Science Automation GmbH

In planning and engineering, we take it upon ourselves to accompany the customer from the first vision to the finished plant. Complex tasks, from mechanical aspects to automation, make every project exciting and unique. Together with customers, suppliers & colleagues, we develop smart and efficient solutions to meet the high demands on quality and safety in the life science industry."

Nicole ForstenpointnerProcess Engineer at Bilfinger Life Science GmbH

Raw materials from waste cycles is our know-how in the environmental division of Bilfinger GreyLogix GmbH. We love technology and innovation. For more than two decades, we have been supporting our partners in the successful implementation of their global visions from planning to commissioning. Our international experience is the guarantee for your success."

Per WegnerTeam Leader BT Biogas at Bilfinger Life Science Automation GmbH

Quality management is essential in the production of medicines or foodstuffs. That's why we check weld seams and pipelines very precisely when we build production plants."

Andreas KocherHead of welding and testing supervision at Bilfinger Life Science GmbH
Why Bilfinger

What sets us apart


  • Many decades of experience in the manufacture of components and plants for the Life Science industry
  • Services from a range of trades and specialists from a single source
  • Extensive knowledge of processes and requirements in the industrial production of Life Science products
  • Time- and cost-optimized processes thanks to an intelligent modular concept: installation of prefabricated components minimizes disruptions caused by assembly in the plant
  • A high level of expertise in the on-site installation of equipment including relevant qualification
  • Well-known, international references
Services at a glance

Our services at a glance

Components and Services
  • Process plants
    Bioreactor systems and fermentation plants, CIP/SIP systems, preparation systems, purification systems, modules and (super)skids, plant equipment, pure media systems
  • Process control
  • Media supply and disposal
  • Wastewater treatment

We have outstanding expertise in the (pre)fabrication of components, modules and plants. This approach has a number of advantages over on-site assembly:

  • Controlled work processes in our own workshop: Compliance with the strictest quality standards
  • Use of the most suitable technical equipment
  • Fewer challenges presented as a result of confined space, noise, dust generation and safety
  • Minimal disruption to plant operations due to fast and safe assembly of prefabricated modules on site
  • Reduction of the total construction time
On-site assembly

specific sequencing tools and professional organization. A key component of our work is coordination with Construction Management and compliance with safety guidelines and regulations.

The most frequently requested services in our portfolio include:

  • Piping construction
  • Steel construction
  • Equipment installation
  • Insulation

We deliver all these services from a single source and provide the specialists needed for the task at hand. The advantage for the customer: Time and effort for coordinating trades is minimized.


We conduct qualifications that meet both customer requirements and the strictest regulatory standards, such as current “Good Manufacturing Practice” (cGMP) in the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Risk analyses for design qualification, installation qualification and functional qualification
  • Project-specific qualification concepts
  • GMP-compliant documented acceptance test plans and reports that are used for factory acceptance tests and/or on-site acceptance tests

Intelligent automation concepts are key to turn individual components into a fully functional plant. In this context, we offer the following services:

  • Hardware and software concept development
  • Software development
  • Process visualization
  • Interface coordination
  • Staff training
  • Documentation

Decades of experience

We have been delivering manufacturing and assembly services to the Life Science industry since 1964 and built our first biotechnology plant in 1986. To date, we have successfully completed a large number of projects for well-known customers in the Life Science industry – throughout the world.

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